Well it's a 2 in one (craft chain) crafted turret and gun plank

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Re: Well it's a 2 in one (craft chain) crafted turret and gun plank

Post  Pengull on Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:53 am

I like that idea.

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Well it's a 2 in one (craft chain) crafted turret and gun plank

Post  bilethbros on Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:02 am

Ok, what I was thinking is a stronger crafted turret and a gun plank.
First the gun plank the two items needed a plank and a (tosser) Smg
Makes a gun plank it dose 30 per hit and attacks as fast as a default knife and has the range of a plank but every 5 swings it shoots a 15 dmg bullet. No ammo required but its a little slow fire rate. Next a crafted turret it take assault rifle ammo and its a chain crafting tool. First you need to craft 2 gun planks (tosser Smg + plank) then craft them together to create a turret head (prop with 1000 health) then you need to craft the turret base 1 small metal bucket (like on ravenholm) + 1 barrel to make the turret base (prop with 1500 health) then you craft the turret head and turret base together to make the heavy turret it has 360 rotation but cannot be controlled it can hold 1500 ammo. a possible model for this turret is the turret from HL2 (the ones when you pass through the blue lasers come up from the floor) but the weak point of this turret is its lower to the ground. If you like you can change the dmg the and range the gun plank or the heavy turret as you please and other things. I might have more in the future

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