Admin/Super Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

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Admin/Super Admin Application [ACCEPTED]

Post  Vakorc on Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:39 am

USERNAME: Lamb Chops the Magisterial (title subject to change)

POSITION: Super Admin and if not that, then Admin.

REASONING FOR POSITION: So I applied for Mod a couple weeks ago and the reason I did that was because I didn't trust myself with the admin kind of authority. Doesn't feel much different except now I can gag and kick peeps if necessary and I haven't done it much. I feel like I can be a super admin/ admin of yours without aboosing. The reason I feel like being a mod isn't good enough is because there might be situation where I DO need to ban someone who is being exceptionally bad... also mods can't un-jail people; that was a problem yesterday lol. Another reason I would like super admin in particular is because I feel like you'd trust my judgement enough approving some of these applications but I don't think I would unless you looked at them anyway.

EXTRA INFORMATION: Again, sister here. Want what's best for your server and community, highly respect your decisions and how you run things and all that great stuff. <3

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Le Ashy

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:48 am



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