*UaS*Private John Doe's Admin Application

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*UaS*Private John Doe's Admin Application

Post  PrivateJohnDoe on Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:45 pm

USERNAME: *UaS*Private John Doe


REASONING FOR POSITION: Contribute to the organization and normalty of the server, prevent hackers and DDoS threats, assist the present staff in decisions, moderate the server on days where staff possibly have something going on, give veteran opinions on key decisions, provide insight to potential "trouble makers", and etc.

Besides these blatant, yet obvious answers, I'm going to fully explain my reasoning. I have been an active member of the HUG ZS server for a long time (however I gave GMOD a break for a while, but now I am back) and in the entire time of my stay, I have always been active, not breaking the rules. I do not have a ban on my record and I believe I have been in the green for a while now. When other people see this job as a role to discipline the community, I see it as a role-model position, and an important influence for all the members on the server and future staff members. I have a long experience of being a staff member on several servers (two of which are named below; however. I have been staff on other servers for a little while, but those are long since dead. In those times, I have banned a huge amount of people for hacking (which I have devoloped an eye to see) and I have shown a professional way of administrating those two servers. I have never abused my position on any server I have been a staff member on. I have developed a vast knowledge of how to deal with rulebreakers and hackers (regarding the rules of course) and I do not have a biased rule when it comes to administering punishment. I am a fair and just person, I recognize accident and intention very well and nearly all the players I had worked with had never created a complaint on my behalf.

Leader on several real world projects
Head of Brass (Literally)
2K+ Hours on GMOD
150+ Hours on HUG
1K+ Hours administrating the following servers as superadmins (I was also a co-co leader of the Deathrun, since I had access to the server files to check for abnormalties): LtB Deathrun, LtB TTT *TTT owner was a John D (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012887786/) and Deathrun's owner was DerpPie <3 (http://steamcommunity.com/id/HeartMaster/) (http://forums.ltbservers.com/)
16 Years old
Current GPA : 4.0
Job: Currently not employed
Relationship : Single as hell
Views on the server : Always willing to help at any moment if possible

I am an old veteran (I would say so myself) of the HUG community and have been in communication with nearly all the older staff members.

(I will be on more lately now that I've gotten my schedule figured out more or less, however I will still be offline on random occasions for my marching band and other events.

Also, what's a super salad?

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Post  Donitz on Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:24 am

This is literally the best application I have ever seen. Lamby agrees as well. I like your honesty and uniqueness.
I am impressed on how much effort you put on to this application and for that, not only am I going to make you admin; I am going to demote you, and then make you admin once more just to show you how deserving you are of this position.

p.s. super salad can mean many things but mainly it is somewhere where I like stuffing my face and snorting very loudly :>

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