MC-crusader's Crafting wish list.

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MC-crusader's Crafting wish list. Empty MC-crusader's Crafting wish list.

Post  MC-Crusader on Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:34 pm

Crafting Ideas:

-One hit wonder=Grenade/plank(Deals massive damage to zombies and no damage to you. Deals massive knock-back though.)
-Boom stick=Grenade/blaster shotgun(Don't tell many people about THIS one.) Cool
-The plank med kit=Med kit/plank(Heals a lot faster, but not as much.)
-Spear=Knife/plank(You can throw this and has a long reach when using it to it zombies. Can pick it up after throwing.)
-Luggy-bomb=Explosive barrel/detonation pack(Suicide for the sake of the team!)


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