Yinny's promotion thing.

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Yinny's promotion thing.

Post  Yinny on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:29 pm


POSITION: Admin / See below

REASONING FOR POSITION: HUG has always been my sorta home server when I play ZS. I've been a moderator ever since Lamb decided to promote me one day and it's been great. However, I am often not taken seriously in-game (Players often disregard me or my requests to stop petty offenses) Having something as simple as an image next to the tab menu would be great, or perhaps a harmless slap would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, being an admin would be an added bonus, as I'm often online when others are not.

EXTRA INFORMATION: I'm currently sixteen, I have been moderator for a while and I enjoy the server when I'm not playing League. That's about it. I'm also unemployed currently, leaving time for server play if needed.

Thanks for any consideration and your time.

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