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Post  [DJ] Dawsonater360 on Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:32 am

1. Add slay for Mods.
2. Remove the video on the loading screen.
3. Re-add redeem command.
4. Luki Bomb at 100 points instead of 75.
5. Every Saturday, have server on cinema mode.
6. Remove the mute command (It never works)
7. Remove the old Abandoned Mall.
8. Have a time limit when you use the grapple, when time runs out grapple with break. (When the grapple is broken, time will be rested and be able to grapple again. Not to mention, this will help for people who are trying to exploit.)
9. Create a weapon, that can kill a human but costs 200 points or more.
10. Ghoul and Violator on wave 2
11. Add Emote "dez nutz, HA. got himmm!"
12. Re-add Nyan cat gun (Infinite ammo) (No sound or sound is fine) (1 dmg) (Do not add the shotgun spread, rapid fire only)

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