Cyborg Ninja (Raiden) admin application retry

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Cyborg Ninja (Raiden) admin application retry Empty Cyborg Ninja (Raiden) admin application retry

Post  Cyborg Ninja on Sat May 23, 2015 8:21 pm

So yea, here's a retry with edits:

USERNAME: Cyborg Ninja (will change every now and then)

POSITION: Administrator

REASONING FOR POSITION: Lots of shit happens with rule breakers and mic spammers and racists when the admins aren't on

EXTRA INFORMATION: I have moderate experience on a DARKRP server, I'm about 15, I'm an asian, and I will be strict against spawnkillers, mic spammers, disrespecting players, and racists. I do use skype and I am usually available 24/6 (not on sundays). I would like to help out with something. Be useful. I'd even settle as a server DJ (yes, they have those).
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