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Post  Admin on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:21 pm

1. Don't be disrespectful. This can be reacted to by admins in different ways depending on their judgement and how bad the disrespect is.
2. If a cader knows what they're doing, please let them do it... Admins/Mods can't slay for this (Unless the disturbance falls under griefing) but they can teleport people away.
3. Don't grief. This means purposely putting props under people falling in water as a human or purposefully disturbing their barricade.
4. We are quite lenient on how things work in the chat. Racial and sexual phrases are fine AS LONG AS no one is disturbed or offended. As soon as they are, keep the conversation private.
5. Of course, no hacking or going outside of the map. Bhopping is fine and if a map has a bad exploit, we'll just remove the map. 
6. porn sprays are allowed. Just no weird material that will leave a child crippled for life.

Some newer add-on rules as of July 18th 2014 made by Ferret and edited by me, Lamb Chops. Again, kicking and/or banning is normally going to be the result but some people may be more lenient depending on the situation:

1.Do not unnail other player's nails, UNLESS it is a prop you're using to barricade.
2.Do not shoot other player's grapples, UNLESS they're going outside the map/glitching.
3.No glitching outside the map (kick for first offense, 30 mins temp ban for second, 1 day for third, fourth is perma)
4.No killing other players. (Prop pinching, Medic gun pushing, Prop flinging)
5.Do not become zombie and leave without killing at least 1 player that is PLAYING.
6.Do not spam the STAFF with suggestions there is a Forum for a reason (
7.Do NOT disrespect someone based on their voice, you can mute them if required. Be nice to the squeakers! And also those with freakishly deep voices.
8.Staff disrespect is not a joke you will be kicked/banned depending on how bad it is.

We try to avoid banning anyone. It isn't often that we have to resort to it. Have fun!

Also, for donations, you can get various bonsues which can be found in our donation subforum.


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