Doktor Vonitz Moderator Application

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Doktor Vonitz Moderator Application

Post  DoktorVonitz on Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:59 pm

My name is Jake Lee, I'm 16, I really love the HUG server, although I have started playing on HUG only around December-ish 2014. It's fun to be around all the people on HUG, especially the super-admins/admins/moderators per say Donitz, Dawsonater, Tyler, Lucario(I've met and talk to him a few), Yinny, Bilesthbro(I probably misspelled his name XD), soon to be moderator Clementine, FerretFTW(he's actually a great person!)... I would like to apply for moderator because the fact that I am on HUG a lot; I meet new people as I play, which is great, but about half of them are very disrespectful. I look up to Dawsonater's rule of respect because I believe respect is a two-way street, you want respect, you must show respect.

Gamer tag: ᴅøk†øʀ ☭ √øɴɪ†z (Doktor is something random XD[or as Donitz would say "Duk-tor"], and Vonitz comes from my favorite music-maker Vonikk AND semi-stole it from Donitz Razz)

Background: I was born in North Carolina (no city due to private reasons), as soon as I was born I was moved to California where I finished pre-school and kindergarten. When I came back, I was around 6 years old, where I continued on my school career (which also explains how I'm a junior in High School and only 16 years old XD). As of now, I am a HUGE fan of anime (Call me a Otaku if you want XD)

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Re: Doktor Vonitz Moderator Application

Post  [DJ] Dawsonater360 on Sat Mar 07, 2015 5:38 pm

Personally for me, you would make a good mod, never had troubles with him or anything.

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