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If you did not follow the template in your application, that will be taken into account and your lack of format will put the amount of effort into the application into question. Applications can be as lengthy as you'd like, though we'd recommend concise (1-3 paragraphs), but meaningful applications.  If you feel you need/want to write it lengthier, however, go right ahead.

Getting staff is not home base. When you're staff, you're expected to do your job. If you do nothing, you will shortly be demoted and you'll have a difficult time getting staff back. If you abuse, you'll again-- shortly be demoted and possibly banned. This is why we have many moderators, but no admins. Moderators are in trial. Admins exist because they're trusted. Stop rule breakers, listen to complaints, and overall do your job.

With that said, here's the template:


POSITION: (You can apply for moderator, forum moderator, or admin. If you're already an admin or moderator, you can apply for superadmin. Eventually, head superadmins with explicitly desirable judgement will be able to accept and decline admin applications without the owners consent.)

REASONING FOR POSITION: (If you feel you don't need to say much [Just protecting server, helping players, etc], then leave the application short.)

EXTRA INFORMATION: (Anything goes here. Desirable information would be your age, if you've had any experience, how many hours you have in GMod, or anything else you think we should know about you. Nothing here will take off from your application unless what is said is questionable, malicious, or intentionally useless.)


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