Zombie survival QUICK TIPS

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Zombie survival QUICK TIPS

Post  WildBuffalo on Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:05 pm

1.) Don't always go for a stubber rifle 3 boxes of ammo and your perks. Go from a team viewpoint. You get 1 additional point for ever resupply you give and a point for things bought at your store.
with all returns you can get a resupply arsenal turret knife and a carpenters hammer at the beginning of the game.

2.) If going RAMBO-style buying perks makes the job a lot easier. Get quick and surged in the perks tab and also using any of the knives give the highest speed bonus so try to use it. If you don't know what else to buy, get a medic kit and use it on people for extra points.Also by crafting the knife you can make it into other better knives. Knife + Knife = Sharp Knife, Sharp Knife + Barrel = reinforced knife, Reinf. knife + Bullet storm SMG = bullet knife.

3.) be aware of zombie location and type all the time. Use your space to your advantage and practice on getting better!

-If i made any mistakes correct me :)Thanks for reading! Basketball Basketball Basketball cheers tongue

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