ThatNerdyGuy's Moderator Application

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ThatNerdyGuy's Moderator Application

Post  Thatnerdyguy on Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:29 pm

USERNAME: ThatNerdyGuy

POSITION: Moderator

REASONING FOR POSITION: I am very friendly towards every one in the server and I am always helping new players to get used to Garry's Mod Whether it's Zombie Survival or not. I also have meet some of HUG's staff and feel as though i am ready for the challenge of being a Moderator

EXTRA INFORMATION: I am currently 17 and I have had experience as a Moderator in other servers. I have a total of 1094 hours spent on Garry's Mod itself, half of which was spent in HUG. Most players who have been on the server multiple times either know me or at least played a round or two with me. To sum it up I believe that I am suitable for the Moderator position based on my all around knowledge of Zombie Survival and Garry's Mod.


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